20 minutes a day

How long should you exercise? Experts say that you should
exercise for at least 20 minutes a day. I don’t know about you
but 20 minutes is not a long time to exercise. If you get up just
10minutes early and get 20 minutes of exercise the you will have to
rush around and still get to work on time.

20 minutes for exercise is easy to find.

If you have dinner a few minutes early and then do the cleaning
up and have your workout before starting your evening routine you
will never miss the time. If you are really ambitious you can wolf
down lunch and go for a walk or some other exercise at lunch.

20 minutes exercise twice a day for the extra

How about getting some exercise on the way to work. I feel
blessed that I can ride my bike to work but soon the weather will
turn too cold aqnd I will need to drive. But you can just park a
few blocks from work and walk to work. After work you get that time
to unwind walking back to the car or the bus or train.

Try to be creative. There are many ways to get exercise every
day and if it is important you will find the way.

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20 minutes a day