Breastfeeding and the National Childbirth Trust | Letters

Margaret Davis, Gail Hall, Janet Mansfield and Dr Carole Ulanowsky join the debate over the NCT and bottle-feeding

Re Zoe Williams’ article (The ‘breast is best’ lobby has failed women, 23 April), babies should have tummies full to the brim at the end of every feed. Persevering with breastfeeding may be an admirable aim, but an underfed baby will be in danger of developing symptoms of anxiety in adulthood as well as addictions to smoking, drinking unhealthily and overeating. The physiological benefits of breast milk versus those of formula milk fade into insignificance when compared with the long-term consequences if the chosen method of feeding prevents a baby from developing that vital sense of security and confidence, from a satisfying feed, that its survival is guaranteed.
Margaret Davis
Loanhead, Midlothian

• Thank you, Zoe Williams. I have breasts but they were not the best. That hasn’t stopped my non-breastfed daughters from growing into strong, healthy women. I wish I had read this article 20 years ago, as I would have felt less of a failure as a mother, less apologetic and more able to deal with the breastfeeding lobby’s intolerance.
Gail Hall
Denstone, Staffordshire

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Breastfeeding and the National Childbirth Trust | Letters