Brie Larson Unveils Action-Packed 'Captain Marvel’ Scene

We’re on the brink of the first Marvel movie of 2019, and
March can’t come soon enough. Hype for Captain Marvel is already
exploding since this film leads straight into Avengers: Endgame
(April 26). Captain Marvel also has a lot of firsts. It’s the first
time Marvel has a female lead (Brie Larson) in one of its film.
Yes, this is the first time that the character of Carol Susan Jane
Danvers (aka Captain Marvel) will ever be depicted on the big
screen. The film also takes place in the ’90s, which no other
Marvel movie has done until this point.


Larson unveiled
an action-packed, 45-second clip showing
Captain Marvel in serious pursuit atop of a moving train while Nick
Furry (Samuel L. Jackson) and agent Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg)
hunt her down. Albiet short, this clip does shed a bit of light on
the tone of the movie, and the Captain Marvel character, which some
casual fans may not know too well. 

It’s still unclear if this is a continuation of the scene that
was in the original trailer where Captain Marvel beat the brakes
off of a grandma. The Anna Boden- and Ryan Fleck-directed movie
hits March 8.



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Brie Larson Unveils Action-Packed 'Captain Marvel’ Scene