Build a Boxer's Physique Using this Bodyweight Routine

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We may question
your sanity
if you said you wanted to throw down in a
ring, but we get why you’d want to
look like a fighter
. Boxers are
, athletic, and conditioned and aren’t just all show and
no go. It’s for these reasons that Kariem McCline,
owner of KM Elite Training in Boca Raton, FL, has his clients adopt
boxing-centric training
style to get into stellar shape.

“Try to put your hands up in front of your face for three
minutes while circling the ring. Your arms are going to be pretty
tired, and it’s going to get your heartbeat up,” McCline says.
“That’s why, for me, boxing is the best way to
get in shape
and why you see a lot of pro athletes taking it
McCline’s brother Jameel was a former heavyweight 
contender (41-13-3), and so he grew up around the sport. After
becoming a personal trainer, McCline kept close to his boxing roots
by integrating sweet-science-inspired training into his
One of his favorite workouts is a body-weight circuit that has
pushing, pulling
, and jumping with your own mass to carve out a
fighter’s physique and build muscular endurance. 
While you won’t be throwing blows
like Adonis Creed
after taking on this workout, you’ll be a
step closer to looking like him.
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Directions: Complete 3 to 4 rounds with a 1-minute
rest period between each circuit.
Exercise Set/Reps
Pullup 10
Dip 10
Pushup 20
Situp 20
Jump Rope 3 Min




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Build a Boxer's Physique Using this Bodyweight Routine