Chris Hemsworth Launches New Fitness App Centr

Chris Hemsworth Launches New Fitness App Centr
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Hold onto your hammers Thor fans,
Chris Hemsworth
has just launched
, an innovative health and fitness app. Hemsworth and his
wife Elsa Pataky, an actress and fitness fanatic, have teamed up to
give audiences insight into how he achieved his
famous physique

announced the app by sharing the trailer on Twitter,
which felt almost as cinematic as any
Marvel movie
. The trailer features him and Pataky practicing
yoga, working out at the gym and beach, and making meals with
trainers and friends. Basically, they are actual fitness and
lifestyle goals.  

Centr is currently available for pre-order and will launch
globally sometime this February. In the meantime, you can see the
tweet and trailer here:


Excited to share @CentrFit
which gives you the same team of world-class experts in health
& well-being who have inspired me to live a healthier &
happier life. Hope you can join us.

Pre-order available now and will launch globally in February:

— Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth)
January 23, 2019


The main feature of the app will be its central feed, which will
look like a weekly planner. In this feed, users will have access to
workout routines, meditation videos, and recipes. As you scroll
through the available content, you will be able to swipe to swap
out tasks you aren’t interested in with activities more suited to
your personal goals. 

To make Centr, Hemsworth and Pataky partnered with Hollywood
trainers and stuntmen, as well as a Navy Seal trainer, a meditation
expert, a psychotherapist, yoga and pilates instructors, and a
whole kitchen’s worth of professional chefs.

The meditation section includes guided meditation, sleep
visualization exercises, confidence-building tips, and ways to deal
with stress. The meal plan section is easily adjusted to individual
needs, with inclusive plans for many dietary restrictions, such as
vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, and gluten-free. It even comes with
pre-programed shopping lists, because even celebrities forget what
they need in the grocery store. 

The workouts include 20 to 40 minute sessions that could be done
at home or the gym with new videos released each week. The workouts
include yoga, boxing, HIIT, and strength training. Users are able
to log their goals and progress within the app and change the
desired intensity level. You can even sync the app with your Apple
Watch to log your progress and check your heart rate on-the-go.

While this app has more features than the Avengers has members,
it comes at a high pricetag. Founding members, aka those who
pre-order the app before the global release, will receive 20
percent off one of Centr’s three plans:  one month for $15.99;
three months for $37.99; or a year for $95.99.

So if you want a Hollywood physique straight-out-of-Asgard,
it’s going to cost you. You can become a founding member,



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Chris Hemsworth Launches New Fitness App Centr