Gastric Bypass is the wrong answer

I set off a bit of an email flurry a couple of days ago when I
suggested that Gastric Bypass surgery is bad and is the wrong way
to lose so I thought that I would explain why I do not like the
idea of losing using gastric bypass surgery.

Gastric Bypass for those that are not aware of the idea is a
surgery that either puts a band around a part of your stomach or
staples your stomach so that it is smaller. This smaller stomach of
course can hold less food so most people are going to lose a lot of
very quickly and because of this Gastric Bypass surgery has become
very popular.

OK so it is relatively easy to shed pounds with Gastric
Bypass surgery how could I then be against it as a way to lose

The truth is that Gastric Bypass surgery does not make you fit
or healthy. The day after your gastric bypass you will have the
same issues with food that you had the day before but now you will
now be able to eat as much food. Also any emotional issues will not
be solved with yourweight loss. Most of these issues cause you to
overeat although most people that are over think that that is the
cause of their emotional problems.

Another more important problem is the nutrition that we all need
from our food. If you starve yourself like is going to happen then
you will have no way of getting the nutrients that you need and
have to rely on supplementation to get everything that you need to
live a healthy life. Now that I have broached this subject, how
about the health aspect of this kind of loss? Being thin does not
make you healthy as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, in fact
being thin can lull you into the false expectation that you are
healthy. If you are getting lots of exercise then you need more
calories to feed your muscles and after a gastric bypass you are
not going to be able to get what you need actually get healthy.

Lastly there is no guarantee with Gastric Bypass. Once you are
at the point of needing gastric bypass you can either die on the
operating table or die after during recovery as your body is not
strong enough for the surgery. Also there is a way that if you do
overeat after your gastric bypass surgery that you may be able to
stretch your stomach and now you will be in the same place that
your were before.

So what can you do instead of Gastric

Gastric Bypass used to be the only way that people that are
morbidly obese could think of to lose but now that we are in the
fourth season of the Biggest Loser anyone can see that there is
another option. Sure it may be very difficult and take a long time
to lose through diet and exercise but people that are really over
lose 100 pounds in a year
and over this time you can become
healthier, happier, build incredible self worth and overcome all of
those food demons as well.

If you have been thinking about gastric bypass surgery I
certainly hope that this has given you pause to reconsider. There
is an alternative.

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Gastric Bypass is the wrong answer
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Gastric Bypass is the wrong answer