If you are thin are you healthier?

Laura over at
Starling Fitness
(I link to her blog a lot, it is a really
great one) has an article based on some research asking the
question of

“Is thinner healthier?”

As she says it is not and I have to agree. All of these
commercials that we see showing skinny happy people are a bit
deceptive because being thin does not make you healthy by itself.
Some people are just genetically thinner and if they do not take
care of themselves they will be unhealthy like anyone else.

The thing that we are all striving for here is to increase our
level of fitness. We get in shape, we eat good food and we get
fitter. Some people have more trouble losing the fat but at the
same time they are still increasing their level of fitness. We all
know other people that sit on the couch and do nothing, eat
whatever they want and are very unhealthy and slim. That is just
the way the genetics go.

Media is so persuasive in the way that it makes us look at
situations. Whether it was the Bud Girls in the TV commercials, the
happy thin Alli talking girls on TV now or just all of the media
messages that want us to see their product being used by everyone
and everyone is happy and thin.

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If you are thin are you healthier?
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If you are thin are you healthier?