IFBB Pro Heather Dees' Quad-Focused Workout

IFBB Pro Heather Dees' Quad-Focused Workout
Chris Nicoll

One thing’s for certain—Heather
knows how to
look stunning onstage.
The 34-year-old IFBB figure pro,
personal trainer, posing coach, and master aesthetician and
cosmetologist expertly covers all the bases of perfect
presentation, translating that knowledge into 20 top-five finishes
thus far in her decade-long pro career, including third at this
year’s Figure International competition.

Here, she outlines her favorite workout for a body part that
often gets lumped in with hamstrings—and suffers as a result.
“It’s hard to get maximum muscle hypertrophy when you train
both quadriceps and hamstrings together on the same day,” Dees
says. “There’s not enough gas in the tank for both. That’s
why I split my legs over two workouts and train hard and heavy on


Dees begins her workouts with a few minutes of dynamic
stretching. “The purpose is to effectively stretch the muscle
with movement to warm up and prevent injury,” she says. Her
typical routine:

  1. Body-weight lunges with arms overhead x 12 to 15 reps per
  2. Walking lunges with a torso twist, placing the opposite elbow
    on the outside of the forward lunged knee while opening up the
    chest and reaching the opposite arm toward the ceiling x 24
  3. One-leg stiff-leg deadlifts, arms out to each side x 12 to 15
    reps per leg.


Dees believes in reaching failure during her working sets—but
with safety in mind. “When I train alone, I choose a weight I can
do through my entire set with correct form,” she says. “When I
train with my husband and coach, Justin, he pushes me to failure in
every workout—but he’s there spotting me in case I cannot
finish a rep.”


The finisher is seven sets of sissy squats, leaving Dees’
quads quivering even without added resistance beyond her body
weight. “I do the standard version, butt to ankles, focusing on
using my quads and glutes to power my body back to standing
position,” she says. “I’ll hold on to the support of a Smith
machine or power rack, trying to use as little arm strength as
possible to keep 100% of the focus in my legs to get myself up to
standing.” And while she rests 45 to 90 seconds between her other
working sets, for sissy squats, Dees cuts that to 30 seconds max.
“This basically finishes off my workout,” she says, “and
pushes me to failure.”


Source: FS – All – Fitness – News
IFBB Pro Heather Dees' Quad-Focused Workout