Miles Taylor’s Cerebral Palsy Didn’t Stop Him From Deadlifting 200 Pounds

“I have CP. CP doesn’t have me,” says Miles
, a 24-year-old athlete born with cerebral palsy.
Despite that, he’s still determined to become a Strongman, even
though his condition affects muscle tone and movement. And he’s
doing more than dreaming, he’s doing: at just 99 pounds, Taylor
reached a new personal record by deadlifting more than double his
body weight at 200 pounds.

The Finksburgh, MD native has been training three times a week
for nearly two years at the NEVERsate Gym in nearby Westminster, MD
and never showed signs of slowing down. “He came in, and we handed
him a medicine ball and were like ‘ehh’ and he took to it like a
fish to water,”
says Nicolai Myers
, Miles’s coach and grade-school friend, who

has competed
in North American Strongman National Championships
and OSG World’s Strongest Man. 

In 2018, just a year into training, Taylor gained five pounds of
muscle and set a U.S. record for his weight class by deadlifting
156 pounds. After the first video of Taylor lifting went viral on
Instagram—and got messages from people around the world—it
pushed him even harder to show everyone that he’s not defined by
CP. “It was amazing. I pulled it up like it was nothing,”
says Taylor
. “To know that somebody just like me is inspired by
me, that’s just great.”

Taylor has since partnered with The Loyal Brand, an athletic
clothing and accessories company, to help share his story
worldwide. The company will donate a percentage of the proceeds of
its sales to the River Valley Ranch, where Taylor also works as a
summer counselor. “Miles will fail 2,000 times, continually get up
until he gets it,”
says Brian Alsruhe
, owner of NEVERsate Gym. “And when he gets
it, the world changes.”

We’re excited to follow Miles on his journey to become a

Follow him on Instagram @smiles_taylor


Source: FS – All – Fitness – News
Miles Taylor’s Cerebral Palsy Didn’t Stop Him From Deadlifting 200 Pounds