Shawn Rhoden Just Posted a Physique Update, and Wow

Just two months ago, reigning Mr. O Shawn
was making headlines in the bodybuilding world for
looking, shall we say, a little hefty at the Pittsburgh Pro. His
guest posing appearance disappointed fans and fellow bodybuilders,
and he
apologized for the out-of-shape showing
in a lengthy Instagram

Some questioned
’s ability to get into Olympia shape again, but plenty of pro
bodybuilders—and Rhoden himself—insisted that he knows what
he’s doing. After all, he’s
been a pro for years
and pulled off one of the biggest upsets
in the sport’s history when he dethroned seven-time
Mr. Olympia

In his most recent physique update 11 weeks out from the
Olympia, Rhoden showed off some cuts that were a huge improvement
from when he took the stage back in May at the Pittsburgh Pro.



Rhoden has already made a serious transformation over the past
two months, and he still has just shy of three months to go before
he takes the stage in Las Vegas to defend his
title. He got tons of support from fans in the comments
on his post, and even fellow IFBB Professional League athletes
Chase Savoie
and Kamal
offered some words of support.

This most recent post is even an improvement from an
update he posted on June 19



Flexatron is clearly back in action, and he seems on track to
prove that even pro bodybuilders can enjoy the offseason but still
look photoshopped on stage when the time comes. If his Instagram is
any indication, Rhoden is working harder than ever to build and
sculpt an Olympia-ready physique.




What more can
I say ?…… not a damn thing. Just continue to show up and get
shit done. 9 straight Olympia and I guess we forget how to get
ready @therealtechnician . Everyone is a critic these days, even
those who have no idea what it takes to do what you do everyday
much less to accomplish what you have. A little back action from
today’s session with @bradbrowe using the @neufitrfp (awesome
session) @thecharlesglass @stanimal9 and Ahmad. Today’s workout
was fuel by @olimp_sport_nutrition Dragon Ball Z Limited editions
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Shawn Rhoden Just Posted a Physique Update, and Wow