Sydelle Noel Talks 'GLOW,' Fitness, and Tactical Training

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When sporty Sydelle Noel first read about the role of Cherry
“Junkchain” Bang ahead of the Netflix smash-hit GLOW, she
instantly felt a kinship with her character. Independent and
strong, Cherry caught on with audiences and makes her return with
the rest of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling in Season 3 of

We caught up with Noel, who also appeared in Marvel’s Black
Panther, to learn more about her approach to fitness.

M&F: From your role as a Dora Milaje in Black
Panther to playing Cherry Bang in Netflix’s GLOW, you portray a
lot of strong women. Which one do you relate to the

Sydelle Noel:Definitely Cherry, because she knows
her own body. She’s athletic, just like I’m athletic. She was a
stunt double, and I can do my own stunts. And she’s a go-getter
who’s willing to kick ass and do anything and everything. I’d
love to say Dora Milaje…but
I don’t have any vibranium
in my closet. 

You ran track and field at the University of Georgia and
then ran track professionally, and you have the body to show for
it. Did your muscles ever limit you in Hollywood?

At one point, I was doing
CrossFit twice a day
. My manager would call for feedback after
auditions, and they were always talking about my body, not my
audition. I found myself
getting injured a lot
, so I stopped to take care of my body.
When I got GLOW, I thought, “I’m going to be wrestling, and
I’m supposed to be the girls’ trainer, so I need to be even
more fit.” They were like, “No, no. How you are right now is
how we want you.” That was so refreshing to know that they wanted
me for who I am.


What’s your training like now?
I work out six days a week, sometimes seven. I
like to confuse my muscles
. I usually do more cardio-driven
exercises, like a boot camp, and then I’ll go to the gym after
and lift. I
use light weights, but I still go heavy
on legs, because
that’s just my MO. 

And what’s your diet like?
So right now you could say that I’m pescatarian, eating pretty
anything from the sea and vegetables
. I dropped meat, so I
still feel like I can have my sweets—I
get rewarded
with Cinnabon.

Who’s your favorite GLOW cast member to wrestle

Shakira Barrera
, because she’s also a dancer, and
dancers are athletes, too
. You can’t wrestle with one
person—it’s a team effort. 

How awkward is it to attend swanky celebrity

I wish there were a class. I went from small roles to being a
supporting actress in Black Panther, so I was just thrown into all
of these events. I remember asking my publicist if I get a plus-one
to the Screen Actors Guild [SAG] Awards, because I didn’t want to
be shy and off in the corner. I had to
learn how to pose
on the red carpet. And then after a while,
being all structured, I got bored and said, “Fuck it.” Now I
have pictures of me on the red carpet grabbing my crotch. 




#FB I grab my
crotch on the red carpet, what the hell do you do?

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You’ve been hitting up the tactical shooting range a
lot. Any chance you’re gunning for a role in the next John Wick

I love John Wick! I auditioned for Halle Berry’s role in
John Wick: Chapter 3—Parabellum
, but then the audition went
away. Then I found out it was her, and I was like, “What am I
going to do?” 

What can fans expect from Season 3 of GLOW?
A lot of mayhem—we’re in Vegas, and
Vegas gets crazy
. Also, my character went through an emotional
roller coaster in Season 2 with her career, but now she’s going
to go through an emotional roller coaster with her actual life and
love life.




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Sydelle Noel Talks 'GLOW,' Fitness, and Tactical Training