The Brutally High-Rep Chest and Triceps Workout

Chest Press
Matthew Leete

With summer weather still persisting, getting your arms and
chest primed for the beach is a top priority. So how does one get
upper body big and ripped
for the skin-revealing occasions that
the warm weather brings?

The answer is simple: Giant sets and lots of reps. This kind of
workout not only helps to
build lean muscle
, but also
burns big-time fat
thanks to the aerobic element. As a result,
you won’t have to do much cardio if you’re able to knock out all
the reps in this upper body blasting routine.

The chest and triceps’ workout below is one that will get you
on your way towards a chiseled, muscular body. I pre-exhaust the
secondary muscle, so that when I hit a chest exercise it really
works the primary muscle group.

The amount of weight indicated for the incline press below is
what I currently use. Whatever weight you choose to go with, be
sure it’s one that will allow you to maintain good form throughout
the entire set.

Circuit 1

  1. Close-grip triceps pushups on Bosu Ball, flat side up (1
  2. Triceps kickbacks with a resistance band (2 minutes)
  3. Seated Hammer Strength incline press
    • *First 2 sets on Hammer Strength incline press are 40 reps at
      160 lb. Last set is a drop set:
    • 10 x 250 lbs.
      20 x 160 lbs.
      30 x 70 lbs. 
  4. Wide grip push-ups on Bosu ball (1 minute)
  5. Over head tricep extensions with resistance band (1

Complete three rounds of exercises 1 through 5 as a

Circuit 2

  1. Seated tricep pulldowns (50 reps each side)
  2. Decline push-ups on a fitball, legs resting on a slightly
    higher platform (1 minute)
  3. Tricep bench dips  (2 minutes)

Complete two rounds of the exercises as a

When I finished this circuit, my triceps were dead—I hardly
had the strength to hold myself stable and upright in a push-up
position. Because my triceps were so fatigued, I was forced to
focus on my chest. Give it a go. I guarantee it will give you a
great workout.


Source: FS – All – Fitness – News
The Brutally High-Rep Chest and Triceps Workout