The Full Leg Workout for Toned Quads and Hamstrings

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If you’re looking for a hardcore
tone your legs up
, look no further than this higher-rep routine
that’s sure to leave you
feeling sore
the next day.

“The routine is structured to pre-exhaust the leg muscles,”
says Tim Gardner, fitness coach and IFBB Pro League judge. “We
start out
targeting the quads
, then transfer to the hamstrings, and back
to the quads, adding in some glute isolation. We build up to
higher-rep finishing sets, which is ideal for complete

The Workout

Leg Press: Sit in a leg press machine and press
the sled with feet at shoulder width.
(4 x 10, 10, 15, 25)

Straight-Leg Deadlift: Hold a loaded barbell
and hinge at hips until bar is at midshin level.
(3 x 10, 15, 25)

Butt Blaster: Get on hands and knees. Kick one
leg straight up, bent at 90 degrees.
(4 x 25)

Narrow and Wide Smith Machine Half-Squat: Using
a Smith machine, squat down, but only halfway, keeping constant
tension on legs.
(3 x 10, 15, 25)

Leg Curl: Curl the pad of a leg curl machine to
butt by  exing hamstrings.
(3 x 10, 15, 25)

Single-Leg Curl: Same move as before, but use
one leg at a time.
(3 x 10, 15, 25)

Barbell Hip Raise: Place shoulder blades on a
bench and a barbell on your lap. Plant feet on floor and thrust
(4 x 50)



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The Full Leg Workout for Toned Quads and Hamstrings