This Guy Did 4,689 Burpees in 12 Hours to Set a World Record

are one of those exercises that pretty much nobody
enjoys. Sure, incorporating them into your
is a surefire way to ignite a total-body burn, but
they’re taxing in a way that makes them more miserable than most

bodyweight moves

While many fitness enthusiasts couldn’t imagine doing burpees
for even an hour straight, Michigan State University student and
ROTC cadet Bryan Abell did them for 12 hours so he could set a
Guinness World Record and raise money for a good cause, Reuters
. He completed 4,689 burpees with minimal rest. 


Bryan Abell from Michigan
breaks the Guinness World Record for the most burpees in one day
with 4,689 burpees in 12 hours

— Reuters Top News (@Reuters)
July 11, 2019


Six months ago, Abell co-founded the Stronger Warrior
, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting active and
retired U.S. service members financially, mentally, and physically.
The 23-year-old student used his world record attempt as a
fundraiser for the organization, dubbing it “Burpees for a
Purpose: World Record Attempt for the Troops

The record he set was for “most
chest to ground burpees in 12 hours (male)
” which required
him to complete at least 4,500 burpees in the allotted time.
Needless to say, the attempt had to meet certain standards for the
record to count.

“Guinness required me to have two witnesses at all times viewing
to validate all the burpees,” Abell told
13 On Your Side
. “One of those witnesses had to be a certified
exercise or fitness professional.”

He trained consistently for about six weeks, doing 1,500 burpees
a day, and it clearly paid off. Abell went above and beyond the
requirements during the 12-hour endeavor, knocking out the 4,689

Abell’s goal for the event, held at Carl’s Family YMCA in
Milford, Michigan, was to raise $4,500 for his cause. As of
Thursday, he raised $2,062. If you’d like to donate, head to the
for a Purpose: World Record Attempt for the Troops


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This Guy Did 4,689 Burpees in 12 Hours to Set a World Record