Watch Hafthor Bjornsson (Somewhat) Easily Squat 980 Pounds

Game of Thrones star Hafthor
“Thor” Björnsson
continues to lift more than the rest of us
could even dream of, and on Monday, he quite literally raised the
bar with an incredible 980-pound squat. 

This isn’t just a random feat of strength (but if it was, we
wouldn’t be complaining). Björnsson is preparing to compete in
his very own meet, “Thor’s Powerlifting Challenge,” on
December 15 in Laugardalshöll, Reykjavík, Iceland. We’ve been
following his training, showcasing his
previous personal record
of 880 pounds a few weeks back.
What’s even more incredible about “The Mountain” is that he’s
known more for his strongman success than his traditional
powerlifting PRs. But he’s still as impressive as anyone that steps
foot into the squat rack. 

We’ll keep you posted on his progress and the results of the
meet when it takes place later this month. 



Source: FS – All – Fitness – News
Watch Hafthor Bjornsson (Somewhat) Easily Squat 980 Pounds