Watch Larry Wheels Bench Two 225-Pound Barbells for His Birthday

Insta-famous powerlifter and bodybuilder Larry “Wheels” Williams
is known for his insane feats of strength, and one of his favorite
moves to play with seems to be the bench press. Whether he’s

knocking out 25 reps of 405
or an astonishing
70 reps of 225
, Wheels doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.
So it only makes sense that he decided to celebrate his 24th
birthday on Monday with another wild bench variation: pressing one
225-pound barbell in each hand. 

Wheels has
benched 225 with one arm
before, but his most recent method
takes it to a new level—a level you should never attempt to reach
at your own gym. Just look at the angles of those barbells. 



Sure, he’s wearing wrist wraps, elbow wraps, and has two
spotters, but even with those precautions we don’t suggest you try
to replicate his double barbell bench.

And Wheels doesn’t limit himself to powerlifting: in November,
he shared a series of photos from his first national bodybuilding
show, where he looked leaner than ever. Considering how heavy he
trains on the regular, that’s a feat reminiscent of Ronnie
Coleman’s bodybuilding style. 



We’re sure there’s plenty more to come from this powerlifting
phenom, and his Instagram account is definitely worth a follow.
Find Wheels on Instagram at @larrywheels to keep up
with his latest gym antics. 



Source: FS – All – Fitness – News
Watch Larry Wheels Bench Two 225-Pound Barbells for His Birthday